{increase the peace}

I am still alive, and I have a few pictures that I will post later for those few faithful readers. I like this place, but I could never live here. Maybe up the coast a bit more, where there is actually mountains and natural water and trees that have more than five branches.
Anyways, I really have nothing to say, other than I am very grateful for what Christ has done and is doing in my life. But the last post was getting kind of old.
As they say here in southern California, ADIOS.


~*Jessica Lauryn*~ said...

KARA WARNOCK i misS you!!

My name is Nate. said...

you're in California? are you going to visit us on your way home?

karawarnock; said...

we talked about coming to COR sunday morning for the service but we didn't make it in time.
next time, nate. next time.