hi ho, hi ho.

So before I get started on the California thing, I must say - I love the sky. We went to the Planetarium yesterday and I love learning about and looking at the stars, and planets, and moons. It's cool how people know so much about things so far away, that robots haven't even landed on. Yeah, I guess I'm a star geek, not because I know so much but because I find it SO fascinating. So, now to tell you about Cali.

I'm off to Cali-for-nia on Thursday.
Goodbye clouds, goodbye rain, goodbye cold.
And sorry, but Spot won't be coming again this year. Maybe next time?


Elizabeth said...

maybe next time.

have fun.!

Captain van de Kamp said...

What? California! The captain is very jealous...

Have a great time in the Sunshine State!

Anonymous said...

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dams said...

awww leaving spot home?
hey. cali may be the sunny state but florida is the Sunshine State, offically. sorry.

Anonymous said...

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