high school.

Oh the drama, oh the parties, oh the hype! It sounds fun, at times, but then again it also sounds kind of exhausting. haha. So good to see J & K & N again, and to be a part of it all again, just for a minute. But I'll never be able to reminisce about the grad prank we pulled, or the ultimate sweet sixteen that so and so threw, or the time we got that clueless Social Studies substitute teacher. Oh well. There are more exciting things in life, like traveling the world and working at the food bank and graduating early!

I saw HSM 3 on Friday. AHAHAH. But it was actually pretty good, maybe even better than the first = O !!! I also saw FIREPROOF! It was amazing, even though it was really cheesy. It was refreshing to see a movie that actually had meaning, plot, conflict, and importance. I really liked it. How could I not, especially with Kirk Cameron in it!?



Or comeback? 
I think it's true, I think it's coming back. 
So here's my first back-come post.