my favorite things.

we bonked heads right when the camera timer went off and we started laughing. "in the moment" picture. ^^

these are a few of my favorite things;
haha i could sing them...

- rain boots
- september 21
- planning a vacation [taking one too]
- power outtages
- the pitter-patter of raindrops lullabying me to sleep
- great hair days [rare but excellent]
- the strong, welcoming fragrance that hits you when you walk into STARBUCKS.
- the theory that ice cream makes it all better
- guys who aren't afraid of chapstick [ahhaaha]
- watching the moon play hide and seek
- watching GOD make the impossible happen
- sontaneosity [is that a word?]....randomness//when the unexpected happens
- movie rain
- watching the colours change through AUTUMN
- puddle jumping
- laughing till your tummy hurts and milk comes out of your nose
- the beach
- bathroom buddies
- the intensity of a close basketball game
- "in the moment" pictures
- deep talks with close friends
- the thought that GOD has someone waiting for me


danny said...

aww. haha. that pic is cool. and i love ur list. that's great. SPONTANEOUS is the word i think ur looking for, right?
i don't like rain. haha. i like sunshine. :)



cassy was looing quite funny that day in pics

that really retarded oneof her still makes me laugh :)

ahh grade eight.

kars said...

well i like rain. hah

you mean the one where it looks like she's on drugs? hahahaa

joel sczebel said...

If you added "somewhere over the rainbow" to your last point it could have hardly topped the already present cheese factor. sorry. i think I need to take a break from this blog. I'm being slowly drowned in whimsicality.

that was a joke...... I think.....

joel sczebel said...

no, it really was. I'm sure now.

Gilbert said...

how can power outtages be fun? haha

Anonymous said...

that is a good list.

i don't know about the last one though. whoever he is has a lot of "older brothers" to get through first...

kara said...

i don't get it...

maybe it's just too early in the morning for me...

Elizabeth said...

hahha. this is too funny, i just posted a couple minutes about my favorite things, and i hadn't gone to your blog yet. haha. great minds think alike.

Steve said...

wow, you have alot of favorite things...im confused about "watching the moon play hide and seek"...?haha

janc said...

<333333333333333333333 ahhhh i ilove my girls.

karawarnock; said...

yes, hide and seek with the moon

it hides behind the clouds. i guess there is no real seek, but eventually it comes out. i love it.

joel sczebel said...

((just picture me shaking my head.))

joel sczebel said...

(((because I am)))

dell said...

Isn't it amazing that God does have someone 'waiting' for you!?!?! I find that soo encouraging!

als said...

josh is concerned.

Anonymous said...

so cute.

karawarnock; said...

((joe: you're crazy))

and why is josh so concerned my dearest?

Elizabeth said...

new post.

damaris said...

"snowflakes that stick to my nose and eyelashes."

i felt that once.

it was nice.

but i guess it can't be on a floridians' list of favourite things.

niether can coloured falling leaves.
but they're on mine anyway.

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Sean said...

oooo, you can make extra cash...haha...im definatly gunna check that out:P