new post.

because so many of you have advised me to create a new post, i will. but only because i feel as though i have to do this in order to please those who are reading.
haha just joshing.

"patience is awaiting GOD's time without doubting GOD's love." -- author unknown

today i looked through pictures. very satisfying. kind of like creme broulee. but anyways, i miss summit to sum it all up [oh haha]. it took a lot of patience on those long, grueling hikes in the [at many times] thigh-high snow. nevertheless, i loved that experience. it was absolutely amazing. the pictures aren't enough to explain. but these are just two out of about a thousand [i lost track at two] that i love.

the first one is on our second day of hiking.
the last one is after reaching the bojo summit on the third day. we had fun in that little shack big enough for one, but somehow we fit all fifteen of us in there. some of us were going a little crazy. that's jo and graham. i miss them.

well, before this gets sappy i better end it. i'm sorry, but it's for the best. trust me.

see you later alligator.



is that MYYYY levi?!?! awww haha
the week you guys left was crazy at school with... _________ hahaah how she used to drive us nuts. now i don't mind seeing her :)

als said...

haha, that is crazy, i thought i already commented.

guess not.

good post. funny pictures.

karawarnock; said...

levi? he wasnt on summit with me...

you know what i just realized? i am not in any of those summit pictures that i posted. crazy.

i stopped dreaming in color. in fact, i haven't had a dream that i remembered in a long time. and you know what! that girl in the second picture, jo, is the one who told me about dreaming in color. awww.

Sean said...

haha, where was "summit"??..i never even heard about it...i feel so out of the loop:P

maybe i did hear about it?...i cant remember.

als said...

i have no clue but kara talks about it alot. some mountain?

karawarnock; said...

i loved summit.

it's a program with PA that takes you on outdoor trips. and then the big one is a five day backpacking trip up manning park.

als said...

manning park sound like something straight out of Jane Austin.

haha. i love it.


oh my.. that's not levi? whose the guy beside graham then? :o :o :o :o :O

Anonymous said...

heloo kids.
how are you all?

doing well. enjoing the grace of our saviour all the more i hope?

snow. i hate it. but i miss it right now...

karawarnock; said...

janc!! that's joleen!!! a GIRL. gosh.

joshua! what a pleasure to hear from you again. i almost forgot what your voice sounds like, wait...that doesn't work. then i did forget what your voice sounds like. oh but how could i? never.
can't wait till you visit @ christmas. we'll have a snowball fight kay?


THAT'S A GIRL hahahahhaahaha ooopsies...
it looks like levi without his glasses!!! hahahh