pray for ian.

i have been told by several different people already about this wonderful young man named ian murphy. ian was in a terrible car accident september 30, and since then ian, his friends, and his family have gone through a number of trials. ian loves the LORD and his family and friends strongly believe that if his life was taken in that accident, he would have gone to be with our FATHER. and, although he survived the crash he is still in very serious condition and hasn't made much progress in the last couple of days. doctors have just declared that he is in a coma. they gave ian a tracheoscopy, to help him breath. i don't know much about it, but from what i can understand, he can't breath deep enough on his own. what else i know [that isn't very much], he has had surgery on his knee [which was very badly crushed to pieces], his arms [which were both broken], and i think that there is still surgery to be done on his vertebrae [C7] in about six weeks. he also has a high fever that they are trying to keep down with tylenol. even though he is in a coma, he has responded to various stimuli [ie. yelling, rubbing, pain...]. thank the LORD that progress has been made in ian's condition and that his life was spared in the terrible wreck [which took rescuers 45 mins to get him out of his car].

i just wanted ask anyone reading this that you join everyone in prayer. words go a long way. prayer is powerful. GOD has done and continues to do miraculous things.

pray for ian's doctors, that the LORD will guide their hands in surgeries and other medical procedures needed to be done; and that through this ordeal they will see how awesome and merciful our GOD is. pray for ian's close friends and family, for comfort. i can't even imagine how hard it is for them not having their best friend, son, and brother around and not knowing what his condition will be the next day. finally, pray for ian. that GOD will once again perform a miracle and mysteriously heal ian and fully restore his health. i saw the pictures of ian, laughing, smiling, having a good time with the people he loves. pray that he will once again, and very soon, just be ian, laughing, smiling, and having a good time next to the people he loves and never wants to let go of.

praise GOD for the miracles HE has already done, everywhere. for you, me, and ian.



damaris said...

i read about it on beth's blog. i told my mum and we've been praying.

GOd is always faithful to those who love Him.

als said...

good post i'm praying

beth said...

a very tearful thank you.

Gilbert said...

heyyy! nice to meet u too =D.. know a lot about me? haha


oh man.... kara you better not say anything else weird

and ill pray for him too :) he seems like a really nice guy.

kara warnock said...

BETH: i want to hug you. which is weird, because i've never met you and you are on the other side of the world from me almost. but, one day if we do meet...i've got a hug waiting.

thank you so much everyone. and thank you to beth for letting me find his website.

Delian said...

This is what's so wonderful about blog/xanga! Everyone around this entire country and even in canada are praying for Ian! It's great! God's will be done... God's glory will be shown!
I thank God for Ian, his family, his friends... and I know that Ian would want God's will to be done in his life. We pray that God continues to work miracles through and for Ian but we have such a hope much bigger then Ian simply being healed! Ian has a much greater hope! I have a much greater hope! God has given us that hope!
Our God is amazing!

danny said...

wow, that seems quite bad. i haven't heard much if anything at all about ian. seems pretty bad. whoa. But i don't believe God will take away the pain and all the bad things in his body. Healing, sure, but i don't believe God will ever take that away from him. but God CAN get rid of it, but not take it away. get what i mean?

Gilbert said...

gilly_rules123@hotmail.com i'll be praying for ian too.


you better not say anything stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahaha i have to talkk to you :):):):):):):):)