oh man. so tired.
today i woke up so early, just to go water skiing. the lake was so pretty and clear, like glass. it sort of looked like a painting. just a teeny.
well, i got up there nicely. first time in two years. pretty exciting. i was a little unstable. i stayed up for quite a bit, which was really nice. but then i wiped out and it hurt bad. oh man. oh man oh man oh man. it hurt. so i tried knee boarding. i didn't like it as much only because it was really hard to get on the board and get your knees in the strap. i had to get my dad to help me. i just couldn't do it. it was really frustrating me. we went for another ride this afternoon though, that was interesting. we started off from the shallow but it was really rough out there so i let go. i didn't want to be pulled back so i tried getting on myself. in the deep. so hard! and i kept getting frustrated, and to be honest with you, i took it out on my mom. i don't like when that happens. i don't even really see myself doing it, i just let it all out. i couldn't get on the board by myself and when i finally got up there a bit, she tried to straighten the rope out and i fell off again. it was so frustrating. and i'm sorry to say it but i took it out on someone else.
eventually, i got up there by myself and had a nice ride before dinner. but i just felt so bad. i'm just so thankful to have a loving, merciful, and forgiving GOD to wipe away that feeling of...guilt. and i'm so grateful to have a caring mom, who still loves me just the same if not more than yesterday.

matthew wore this shirt today that says, "body piercing saved my life". so true.

[isaiah 53:5] "But HE was wounded for our transgressions, HE was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and by HIS stripes we are healed."

so even though i take my anger out on someone or something else sometimes, even though i shouldn't...JESUS paid it all.
i love that song.


Elizabeth said...

i love that song. nice blog!

damaris said...

i love that song too.

waterskiing, hey? never done it.
tried kneeboarding years ago. have to say i got bored. haha.

isn't it wonderful that God blessed us with moms?
i'm really loving have my mum home. i didn't realize how awesome she was...