up here in the okanagan, everything is so fresh. the lake, the trees, the beaches, the mountains, i love it! and i just think, how great is our GOD that he came up with all these beautiful natural wonders of the earth. but then again, i think, how much greater it will be in HIS glorious kingdom in heaven.
i walked outside and was immediately hit by the most beautiful song...no one was singing, it was coming from the tall tree in front of me. it was absolutely gorgeous. i stood there for a few moments, just listening to the voice of GOD's wonderful creation. they sounded so joyful and grateful for their great surroundings, and i thought just how thankful i am to be able to come and relax in a place like this. with the golden beaches, blue waves, and the breeze that is just right so that it doesn't blow my hat off, but it keeps me cool. it's amazing how perfect everything is.
i mean, even as we were camping up at alouette lake, everything seemed just incredible. the way the trees fell to the ground, the way the stumps stood ever so strongly, the way the birds flew in between the many branches, the way the rocks fell ever so gracefully, it was just amazing. even the way the leaves swayed as they floated to the earth, all i could do was sit back and thank GOD that i was so close to this pretty nature. i was amazed at how the mountains and forests and creatures of the earth right then were quietly singing songs of joy and praise to the ONE who made this all so awesome. after thousands of years, it all remained just as perfect as ever. and beautiful.
our GOD is so great.

isaiah 44.23 -- Sing, O heavens, for the LORD has done it! Shout, you lower parts of the earth; break forth into singing, you mountains, O forest, and every tree in it! For the LORD has redeemed Jacob, and glorified HIMSELF in Israel.


joel sczebel said...

wow. you have a blog too. cool.

very good post.

pamela ann said...

KARA! i found you! miss you girl. good post.

damaris said...

sweet post. rather poetic.