web design class.

This post content is about the web design class I took with Mr. Hewlett this morning. (The photo above has no relevance to the text in this post)

We learned about tags.
The main tags are:




Today was a great class. I used what I learned about tags in todays class to compose this post in the "Edit Html" section. I look forward to next week when we begin building our own website.


dams said...

seriously sweet header. love the boats.

(i know. lame phrase, but i wanted the alliteration thing.)

als said...

i like the pencil crayon picture.

but for me my love of coloring goes...
-pencil crayons
-skinny markers
-fat markers
-smelly markers

me said...

i love the smell
of king markers.

k-dub. said...

i love crayola...window markers (can't find them anywheres) and crayons especially.