italian blues out of an overcrowded river bus.

So I was thinking...prayer needs to be a bigger part in my life. Not just prayer as in asking GOD to heal her and save him and help them, but prayer as in praising HIM and having a relationship with the GOD who is incredibly faithful and merciful. I love talking to my friends all the time, my family too, but why not the GOD who if not for HIS grace I wouldn't be able to do anything, let alone live! The GOD who saved me, who raised me, who pulled me from the grave. I think that a healthy relationship is built on constant communication and time with one another, as well as being passionate, and my passion for CHRIST and the gospel is often missing. Sometimes, when HE allows me to, I can see the difference between when I am finding my joy in CHRIST and when I am looking for peace and happiness in other places. Those times are usually when I am not spending time with HIM (not just by HIM but with HIM) whole-heartedly. I let myself get distracted so easily and end up putting aside my time with GOD to finish the rest of my list of things to do for the day.

Anyways, I don't really know if this will make sense...this jumble of words on not very much sleep and not a lot of time either.


damaris said...

your words made sense. good sense.

a few of the singles at my church just started a prayer group on sunday nights, and it's showed me that I have so much room for growth in the area of prayer.

not so much in when or how often but how. so all those words to say your blog encouraged me.

oh yeah. as for when i am coming...can you help me take time off work?? haha.

Elizabeth said...

thanks for your humility kars. i really really was envouraged by that.

love you