travelling around the world.

Can you tell which one my cousin is? haha [hint: he's white] And, the one on the right is Mary. My aunt and uncle are back in Ghana right now. That will be our next stop. : )

i burned my thumb on our 1970's toaster.
it was his fault. he wasn't toasting it right. and it kept popping up, or eating my toast before i could get it out.

snap. crackle. pop.


karawarnock; said...

i don't know if i like this template yet kids. so help me out. i like the random colors. but it's really big.

Sean said...

it nice, i like it.

fun travel pictures.

als said...

maybe a bit too big.

umm.. i like it though.

auntie suzie said...

Which cousins are in the top picture?

karawarnock; said...

TOP PHOTO: Katie, Michael, Matthew, Kara, Andrew Eric Sarah. They are my mom's twin sister's kids in N.Van. But they won't be coming with us to PS this year.

by the way: Levi is my cousin in the bath tub picture. He's the one in the middle holding the sponge.

Anonymous said...

I like the colours but maybe a little too big and plain?? kinda like the praries in winter i guess, haha

als said...

i think we all figured out the bath picture. haha.