To: All Who Attend This Blog From Time to Time
From: Me
Date: January 18th, 2007
Subject: Apology

Dear Friends,
I must apologize for my lack of respect that I showed in my post prior. I did not act in love when I spoke. I tend to get a bit of an attitude when I play basketball [and I am not proud of it], which can blur my view of the referees. I am sure that they were doing the best that they could do, after all, you can't see or call everything that goes on in a game. I am so sorry for starting that discussion. I should have left my opinions about them in my head and back where they started.


Anonymous said...

apology accepted...haha, it made a good discussion at least.

I get the same way about sports too. I get some Poor additudes sometimes. I think it just kinda happens when you are a competetive player in sports...I really dont dislike refs. I have actualy considered becoming one a few times... They still make some questionable calls though...

Nate said...

Dont ask for forgivness blame it on the Refs lol. I played baseball (Umpire its a whole different thing than refs) but still the same... Anyway there were some terrible calls and I got angry at the Ump and threw a fast ball at him instead of my catcher. He got really angry and almost threw me out of the game..

but he couldnt I was the only pitcher =)

joel sczebel said...

I'm terrible with refs. Basically if I'm not winning I get mad at the refs.

Anonymous said...

If im winning or having a good game i like to talk to some of the younger refs, sometimes they are nice. The older dudes are the ones that are normally grumpy or usually alomst blind.

Anonymous said...

God is good and merciful!. as Christ works in you it becomes clear that the real battle is to walk in a manor worthy of the gospel. thank you for obediently following the prompts of the Holy Spirit in recognizing & confessing that your battle against the flesh is not an easy one. it is through situations like this that God allows in our lives, that we get a glimpse of our need for a saviour.