it's snowing, and my power is out! i am in idiotic-vancouverite heaven. yes, we vancouverites are sometimes idiotic when it comes to snow.

well, today was an adventure. driving conditions with other clueless drivers are bad, and to top it off, there's snow on the roads!

so i was just thinking; as we were driving home from an all around crazy visit with friends [that's a generalization, just to let you know joel], i see the coolest thing ever. the odd street light is a spotlight for the snow. and i'm thinking: wow! how cool is that. one of the funnest, prettiest, craziest substances in the whole world, and this little lamp post is shining on it to show everyone [ haha not like we need a street light to see this SNOW]. i thought it looked really pretty. and then i was thinking again; if a lamp post can highlight GOD's glory like that, why shouldn't we? i was thinking about how big my lack of zeal for GOD is. i should be the one putting a spot light on GOD and his creation, not a wimpy little street lamp [no offense to you sir].

anyways, just my random thoughts that i decided to post. thanks for putting up with my ramblings that are like a redheaded dutch woman trying to speak japanese to a dog.

and just to unlameishize my blog; plus this is a good song yet overplayed this evening by miss lysh.

Casimir Pulaski Day -- Sufjan Stevens

Golden rod and the 4-H stone
The things I brought you
When I found out you had cancer of the bone

Your father cried on the telephone
And he drove his car to the Navy yard
Just to prove that he was sorry

In the morning through the window shade
When the light pressed up against your shoulder blade
I could see what you were reading

Oh the glory that the lord has made
And the complications you could do without
When I kissed you on the mouth

Tuesday night at the bible study
We lift our hands and pray over your body
But nothing ever happens

I remember at Michael's house
In the living room when you kissed my neck
And I almost touched your blouse

In the morning at the top of the stairs
When your father found out what we did that night
And you told me you were scared

Oh the glory when you ran outside
With your shirt tucked in and your shoes untied
And you told me not to follow you

Sunday night when I cleaned the house
I find the card where you wrote it out
With the pictures of your mother

On the floor at the great divide
With my shirt tucked in and my shoes untied
I am crying in the bathroom

In the morning when you finally go
And the nurse runs in with her head hung low
And the cardinal hits the window

In the morning in the winter shade
On the first of March on the holiday
I thought I saw you breathing

Oh the glory that the lord has made
And the complications when I see his face
In the morning in the window

Oh the glory when he took our place
But he took my shoulders and he shook my face
And he takes and he takes and he takes


joel sczebel said...

Good thing you generalized.

gOoD sOnG!

Anonymous said...

haha. did you and als agree to that song thing?

we lose power a lot out where i live.
only we don't get snow.
so it's kinda boring.

dams said...

i didn't mean to be anonymous.

Joel said...

Oh the gloooooory!

what's with the template change? this is like the second one in a week. the last one was bad. this one is a bit better. but I wish you would just decide on one and stick to it.

Steve said...

its red and seasonal, like starbucks.(her template)

als said...

i want snowflakes.

karawarnock; said...

i'm sticking to this one...i think.
very indecisive am i.
or am i?

okay guys, someone hacked into my profile and changed it. now i'm freaked. i think it was GOOGLE.

joel sczebel said...


Josh Sczebel said...

this template is like the
DEMON FROM THE PIT OF HELL goes to starbucks for a Christmas Blend and a Cranberry Bliss bar.

change it.

karawarnock; said...

it reminds me of a starbucks cup.

: (
fine i'll change it again.

karawarnock; said...

maybe not.

sean said...

haha, dont change it
red is good.

Elizabeth said...

i don't like it.

go for a more subtle red.

Geo-stigma said...

Hi.... This is Nate Morse just going through blogs and checking them out. You have a pretty good one Kara.