snow: iLOVEit.

i wrote this last april, up in manning park. and today being the first snowfall of the season, i believe it is appropriate.

"manning park: day one
april 24/06
...the snow here is awesome. to think of how GOD came up with such a beautiful substance is unimagincable. the way it glistens in the sun and turns pink at sunset makes me want to stay here forever. well, maybe not forever..."

"manning park: day four
april 27/06
solo time
...the clouds this morning are gloomy. they hide the light. it's almost as if they were trying to make things miserable. but, they give us a present. it is white, fluffy, and sticky. it sends shivers down my spine when i touch it. their greyness brings sadness, but the gift it drops down blocks out that sadness and makes it a prettier place..."

the snow isn't nearly as beautiful today, and not much of it is left now. but i still love snow. as cold and muddy and ugly as it can be, i LOVE it.


damaris said...

sweet photos.

we don't see stuff like that around here.

Sean said...

nice pictures!

I love snow