we went out fishing today, it was really windy though. storm clouds above, threats of rain, questions of thunder or lightning.....well, it wasn't quite that bad. we made it fun.
matthew and i went up to the bow and put the cover on, because water was coming in on us and we made a little fort. i know, it sounds really immature but there wasn't any fish biting and we were wet and we were having fun with it.
we made some videos of what to do in case of an emergency, you know cause we were stuck down in the bow with the cover on. we had a talk show hahaha and we made a little couch on the floor. good times, good times. but it's nice to act like a little kid once in a while. it keeps your imagination alive...and you never want to lose that.


damaris said...

hahaha. sounds like it would've been pretty funny to see.

fishing in the rain.
i like it.

i agree. never lose your imagination. it might get a little smaller after 12yrs+ of schooling...hopefully it'll come back when you have little kids, ey?

supmyman7 said...

imagination isn't allowed in school. you should know that.

pamela ann said...

i must agree with dams. hold tight to your imagination! if you don't it might fade away...

miss you honey, glad you are having hun!
love you so much!

beks said...

hey kara, this is Dams friend Rebekah (aka beks, beksta, etc.) she told me about oyur blog, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

sounds like fun. fishing in the rain. on a boat. *sigh* I love being on the ocean.

the imagination is a wonderful thing.