...and remembering last year's exciting events and all the purdy people I was with. Here is one of my favourite pictures from last years ladies conference. Much fun here with the Evans, Mr. Robertson, and Mr. Hastie. We're going to the Grand Canyon & Sedona tomorrow. I guess I don't have anything meaningful to post but I thought I would do something while we are waiting to go to the mall. Be home soon (Wednesday).


me said...

that photo of me is sick. and not like
its just humbling. haha.
but what memories.what memories.
for little people.
like me.

kristina said...

you think you look bad?

but we sure did have fun.
i misssss you all.

(well the 2 of you that are currently absent)

the one in phoenix. said...

i think you look BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL, like always.

many memories. we have a palm tree for little people in our front yard here. no cactus on our property though. i found our cactus the other day in my box, it is so dead and just icky.

als said...

icky is the understatement.hahaha.

kristina said...

we look so much younger.