my rain boots. hahahaaa.
i call them my polkaboots.
i wanted the pink and colourful ones, but they're out of stock.

next stop, TARGET.



Sean said...

im not sure what to think of the boots, they're nice, im not sure if i would wear them

karawarnock; said...

i found these ones now steve. they look more like my polkaboots.

and i have to tell eveyone the story of this picture. the one of matthew at the statue of david.


Elizabeth said...

2 things...

1. steve i would be concerned if you liked, let alone wore the boots.
2. kars you couldn't find another picture? we've heard the story.

Elizabeth said...

the story is good though.

( I will win) joe. said...

I think that statue behind Maxwell needs to be censored.

jeremy said...

yes, i agree. haha

(you can't win) kara. said...

als honey; i had up the green mod boots before, but then i found these ones. : )

you need to see the picturebook for this story as well. i had the camera clicking the whole time he was going down.

MOO ha ha ha

karawarnock; said...

((thats how a cow laughs))

Anonymous said...

if anyone cares i now have a blog. this is the link.


kara, what do cows do for fun?

-they go to the mooovies. sorry that was aarons joke. it felt like an appropriate time o say it.

Anonymous said...

to* say it. haha