already, the posts about ladies conference are coming in. i'm sorry, but i'm running out of time on my computer and i must get back to the sun and pool to work on my tan, so if you wish to know more about this amazing opportunity i had at the conference, you'll have to wait. ask me later.

i just want to share my favorite quote by miss carolyn mcculley, not only a woman of GOD, but an excellent speaker, storyteller, and comedian.

"do we want thing thighs? yes, we do! but we only want them if it meant we got them walking besides our brothers and sisters, carrying their burdens."

hahaa such a great weekend. full of fun, laughter, and great messages and teaching. it was like a giant slumber party.

so much fun down here in sunny phoenix. yet i miss the movie rain.


kristina said...

hi kara!

i found you...

hows our cactus doing? shrivelled up yet?

als said...

yes. the cactus!

dear cactus. (it needs a name)

good quote. laughed hard. it was a giant slumber party. i wish i was still there, 3 days was just not long enough. actually it wasn't 3 days. it was 3 days including traveling. not fair.

Steve said...

whats the plural form of cactus? is it cactus's, cuz that sounds wierd...but anyways, sounds like a good time.

damaris said...

it's cacti.

somthing like. i don't remember much from school.

arizona is hot like florida.
but it's drier so it's better.

als said...

sorry dams but arizona made florida look like a hot, ugly, dirty, swamp. arizona was sweetness.

joel sczebel said...




karawarnock; said...

tis true.

oh our dear cactus. yes, dear, cactus, named...oh i had one earlier. dang it keith!
from the advice of a former acquaintance, we have decided it should be jeffrey.

als said...

it sounds like the name of a telephone, not a cactus.

damaris said...

oh my lanta!!! it does sound like the name of a telephone! (i have a cousin named jeffrey hahaha)

i know. everywhere but new mexico makes fl look nasty.

i recognized vancouver as the setting in a tv show recently. i think its a sign...

Elizabeth said...

yes, definitely a sign. take it and come.