take my life and let it be.

Take my life and let it be,
Consecrated, Lord to Thee

Take my hands and let them move,
At the impulse of Thy love
At the impulse of Thy love

Take my feet and let them be,
Swift and beautiful for Thee
Take my voice and let me sing,

Always only, for my King

Always, only, for my King

Take my love, my God I pour,
At Thy feet it's treasure store

Take myself and I will be,

Ever only all for Thee

Ev-er, on-ly, all for Thee

by francis havergal & mozart.


als said...

cute picture. i love those kind of trees. beautiful.
great song too!

janc said...

ss7- my favorite bunch of girls :)
and jill, and the rest of course.

ahh good times.

kars said...

hahah the pic has nothing to do with the song, but i like it. it's "us". hahaa ss6...the way it should be hahaa. oh maan.

oooh janc i was so close to putting the other pic on, the good one, but i didnt just for you darling.

oooh i still have to video! aw its so cute. i gotta remember to buy some dvd's so i can burn it for you all.

yeah i like that song too. i found it today and i liked the words. good stuff.


Sean said...

good song

kars said...

yeah!! i know i can't figure out how tgan found me....strange.

The ninny mouse said...

nice song.

kara warnock said...

aaah who is that??

damaris said...

dang. i thought the ninny mouse had retired. oh well.

yes, good song...makes me think of metro days. we sang it sometimes.

i LOVE those trees in the background. we dont have trees like that in florida...so gorgeous.
it is a fun pic. laughing pictures-when they turn out-can be the bomb.com.

kars said...



Anonymous said...


Delian said...

good song! Cute picture... looks like fun!
btw. Nice meeting you Kara, hehe. I seem to have met many interesting people through damaris in this blogworld.

emily.moose said...

hey kara... i still want that video of us ss7 :P nat said you were making a dvd... so yeah lol ttyl love the picture and song