it was a big day. a scary day. a weird day. no one really knew what was happening until that second plane hit.
i watched a movie about it tonight. people, jumping out of windows to have an instant death with no suffering. people, running through the streets while others stopped to take pictures with their cell phones. people, who didn't know JESUS when their life was taken from them on september 11, 2001.
today's memorial couldd not repair the broken hearts of loved ones. today's memorial could not apologize for the terrible actions of those terrorists five years ago. today's memorial could not say i love you to the children who lost their mothers and fathers or brothers and sisters. today's memorial could not bring the joy of knowing that those who followed the LORD were in a better place this very evening. no, only JESUS can do that.
my heart goes out to all those people, not just the ones who lost someone they loved very much, but also to the people who didn't feel loved at all, who still don't feel loved, because no one has shown them the love that CHRIST JESUS can give them. a love like no other, HIS LASTS FOREVER.
through pain and suffering, our GOD loves. through loneliness and abandonment, our GOD loves. through selfishness and sin, OUR GOD LOVES US JUST THE SAME!
today reminded me that i need to always be ready for GOD. today reminded me of just how much GOD loves me. even at times when i am not my best with HIM, HE takes care of me. today reminded me to tell the world about the one who i call MY SAVIOR because they may never get the chance to know that someone loves them, even in these darkening times.


damaris said...

wow. now two canadians have made me feel guilty....

good call kars.
the reminder to evangelize was a needed reminder.

Elizabeth said...

haha. i don't think that was the point dams?

very good post, kars.

i (heart) you

had any 412 moments this week?

karawarnock; said...
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karawarnock; said...

haha no i dont know what the point was, i just kind of wrote. seomtimes thats a bad thing for me though, cause i write and write and write and then it doesn't make sense but i never read my posts over. but, if you got something good out of it then that's great. :)
412, 412, 412, yes yes yes many encounters....not with people, with playgrounds....haahaahaa
i wore my 412 shirt [almost spelled that wrong] again today, but no one asked :(. but this one person was stalking us...i have to tell you the story later.
i found your flipflops in the boat today...yours and joel's, aly. i totally forgot about them. whoa..it's only been a week since cultus.
i (heart) you too darling <3

joel sczebel said...

ahh yes. My flips.

Elizabeth said...


how i love them.

Sean said...

i like flip flops!..i have a sweet filp flop tan from the summer..cept its fading..tear