the night where it all began...
we went out for dinner, the manager paid the bill.
we thought we were going to be late meeting friends, we arrived before just about everyone else.
we went out bowling, okay i'll skip this one.
we went out to starbucks, my caffeine dream was fulfilled [i finally got my white chocolate mocha].
we thought of what movies were coming out, and 20 minutes later, we ended up at the theatre.

inVINCEible. and the main character was VINCE papale. see the connection? yes.

last night was seriously so much fun. bowling, starbucks, movie. who woulda thunk it. what gets me though is that at like quarter to nine someone suggested a movie and by ten after we were all there. craazy.
sadly, that's the most spontaneous thing i've done in a while. hahaa

okay, the movie INVINCIBLE. it was good. it had a good story. i liked it.

lessons i learned and things i want to make clear:
- no one said that it was based on a true story until the end.
- janet the bartender and vince papale were not that in love when the movie ended, so it would come as a surprise to most people that they got married.
- bowling is a sport that you have to work hard at, and only certain people have the skill to win trophies. after all, only one crayon can be the brightest in the box.
- every egg is different: you shouldn't make fun of other people's bowling techniques. it's hurtful... tear tear.
- always go to the bathroom with a buddy. [thanks gals.]
- if you want a discount on your starbucks purchase or if you a really nice person, follow aly's steps. be nice back to those nice people making your drink.
- always keep a camera near by. i created a starbucks tree last night. a beautiful work of art. and now it's gone.
- if someone says that they want to see a certain movie coming out, don't underestimate them. if they want to see it that badly, they'll find a way.
- keep your word. let your yes be yes and your no be no. stick to it like cheese on pizza.

i'd like to take this moment to apologize to my dear friend keith, for not getting him his cookies. i'm sorry. you'll see your cookies...one day.


Sean said...

ahah...that was quite the post, i dont know where, to start, you covered so much stuff...it was very fun!...and ive officially gotten over the tramatic cookie incident..tehehe, but anyways, really fun last night

teaghan said...

- in the previews it said it was a true story.

- people are weird

- i suck but i won the best newbie award

- your right, we shouldnt. but we can.

- if your a GIRL, go with a buddy. you could get raped.

- they won't give a discount if your nice.

- if you created it once, you can create it again. if that doesnt work, pay someone to do it for you

- i wanted to see Scary Movie 4... but i havent seen it yet...

- YOU keep your word.

karawarnock; said...

yeah glad you had fun keke.

i reserved the bowling lanes =P

joel sczebel said...

it was a hardcore night.

kars said...

twas a swell time.

Elizabeth said...

super hardcore.

i had tons of fun.

-(tehehehe.) is a very girl laugh.
- and it was obvious that they were in love from the second look. and it was just coffee.

Sean said...

where could you find a giant duck?

kars said...

haha exactly what i was thinking keke.
you stole the words right out of my mouth, literally.

where CAN you find a giant duck???

Elizabeth said...

a giant duck...... you mean a like a real one?

or a fake one?

real one..... um... a lake?
fake one.....i have no clue.... ebay?

Elizabeth said...

and why are we talking about a duck?

dams said...

sounds like ya'll had fun times.

that is the wonderful thing about starbucks. if you are nice to them, sometimes you DO get discounts. or if they think you have a cool name. sometimes you can get discounts for that too...

we don't have giant ducks in fl.

kars said...

dams, you got a discount because of your BEAUTIFUL name?? wicked sweet. hahah.

originally, i was thinking a fake duck.
but then, i got my brain moving. a giant real duck. cooked. has anyone ever ate real duck before?? i heard that they were good.
maybe it's like chicken???

kars said...

is there such thing as a blue rose??

kars said...

haha just noticed that i'm past 10 comments.
half of them are mine, but whatever, i'm past ten. moohaha. [that's how cows evil-laugh. "MOOhaha"]

<(: )-i-<

there's one for you joe: ^^a smiley person at a birthday party [with the birthday hat.]

Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...

hahaha. i need to go to bed!

good night!

wanna do a movie at my house kars?

joel sczebel said...


joel sczebel said...

Oh....ummm......yeah.....you weren't really talking to me i guess.....


Actually I think I'll edit that wedding......()))((())

joel sczebel said...

trying sean's comment gaining technique eh, kars?
it seems to be working, but I sure wouldn't mind if you posted something new....

kars said...

sure als.
call me or something.

24. its a record. sort of. for me at least.

Sean said...

wow, your so pro kara (i just cant call you kars..haha) 25 comments, haha, i think mine has like 10