the day after.

leave your mark. ^^
the guy who dares to wear hollywood sunglasses. ^^
the girl who actually looks cute in them. ^^

oh man. i am so sore. yesterday wasn't that bad, i think joe got it the worst--sean too, but this morning i woke up with horrible pains in my back. it's not that bad though. and i think that it was worth it anyway. tubing was fun. and i was so thrown off. it was either let go or break my neck. so is that hardcore enough?
haahaa the hctc....sorry aly. at least you made it to the hcdc. so crazy.
my pizza box is full. i will hang it on my wall. oh yeah, for all who care -- i was talking to sean last night and i called him keith. he doesn't look at all to me like a kieth but it just came out.

well that was a nice little end to the summer. go up to a lake with a boat, a broken van, and a bunch of friends with money for pizza and there you have it...the perfect labor day.
i guess there's just one thing left to say... let's count shoulders

"if you dwell in the bad things in life then you just miss the good things" -- just my luck


joel sczebel said...

Can I have those sun glasses......?

Sean said...

mmmm i like pizza...and boats...and broken down vans...and jade bay...good times good times

karawarnock; said...

i have another pair that you can actually have. do you actually like them?? whoa.
yes keith, i think my favorite part was the broken van. that was just classic. hey, you wanna count shoulders?? oh bollocks.

Sean said...

i just checked and i still have two shoulders, so i'll pass on the counting of shoulders..:P thanks anyways..haha

joel sczebel said...

Gosh. Enough with the shoulders. that joke was old before it began.